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Fishing Guide out of the Northwest Angle.

Growing up on the banks of the Rainy River near the south shore of Lake of the Woods, most of Joe’s days were spent in or on the water. With his parents running a bush plane service, Joe would often accompany his father in the DeHavilland Beaver on trips to the North. With his face pressed against the window he watched as the vast Lake of the Woods unfolded beneath him. Joe fell in love with everything that the area had to offer.

Spending his early years fishing for mostly Walleyes on the Minnesota side of the lake, Joe soon found what the lake had to offer North of the border. With the main lake structure being mostly sand flats on the South end of the lake, learning the rock structure in the Ontario waters was a new challenge that offered endless opportunities. With an abundance of Musky, Crappie, Perch, Small and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and of course the huge numbers Walleyes, the Ontario waters of Lake of the Woods provides an experience for every type of fisherman.

More about Joe

Joe has fun helping clients experience the amazing fishing available around the Northwest Angle. Learning the rock structure in the Ontario waters is a challenge that offers endless opportunities to pursue all species of fish. Joe targets all of these species, but prefers angling for the monster muskies that roam The Northwest Angle portion of Lake of the Woods, which is one of the best Musky destinations in North America. With a contagious passion for the sport of fishing, he has proven himself successful, consistently providing his clients with the chance to land world class muskies.

What to bring with you

Rain suit, Sunglasses, Lunch, Drinks. You are welcome to bring any of your own fishing gear. There is plenty of room in the boat for anything you like to take with. Joe also has everything you'll need to catch fish if you are not able to bring your own gear.

The Muskellunge, also known as Muskie, is a species of large, relatively uncommon freshwater fish native to North America. The muskellunge is the largest member of the pike family. Muskellunge closely resemble other esocids such as the northern pike and American pickerel in both appearance and behavior. The body plan is typical of ambush predators with an elongated body, flat head, and dorsal and pelvic fins set far back on the body. Muskellunge are typically 28–48 in (71–122 cm) long and weigh 15–36 lb (6.8–16.3 kg).

The Walleye is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and to the Northern United States. Walleyes grow to about 31 in. (80 cm) in length, and weigh up to about 20 lbs (9 kg). The maximum recorded size for the fish is 42 in. (107 cm) in length and 29 lbs (13 kg) in weight.

The Crappie is a genus, Pomoxis, of North American fresh water fish in the sunfish family Centrarchidae. Crappie are highly regarded pan fish and are often considered to be among the best-tasting freshwater fish.Because of their diverse diets, crappie may be caught in many ways, including casting light jigs, trolling with minnows or artificial lures, using small spinnerbaits, or using bobbers. Crappies are also popular with ice-anglers, as they are active in winter. The current all-tackle fishing world record for a black crappie is 5.0 lbs and for a white crappie is 5.2 lbs.


Summer Rates (Includes gas, bait & tackle): $550 for 10 hours
Winter Rates: $350 for 2 Anglers + $50 for each additional Angler
Shore Lunch Fee: $30 per day


Top of the Line Equipment

Boat, bait, gas, life jackets, tackle and electronics are the best available and provided by Joe to ensure that you have a worry-free Lake of the Woods fishing experience! Plan on bring your own Rain Gear, Bag Lunch, drinks (no alcoholic beverages), and Fishing Licenses.

Shore Lunch

Take a break from fishing to stop on a remote island for an authentic Lake of the Woods meal. Joe provides the propane burner and all equipment necessary for a quick, great tasting afternoon meal.

Fish Cleaning

After your day on the lake Joe takes care of all the cleaning and packaging of the days limit.



Joe is employed through Red Fox Ice Fishing in Minnesota that provides permanent fish houses and transportation to and from resorts.

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Portable fishing trips on snowmobile are provided by Joe on the Ontario side of the lake.

Top of the Line Equipment

For winter fishing Joe provides the shelter, auger and tackle. You will need to provide a snow machine for transport.

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